The University of Arizona
Department of Pharmacology

Medical Pharmacology Graduate Program

The Pharmacology (PHCL) Department recruits graduate students for their graduate program via the Arizona Biological and Biomedical Sciences (ABBS) umbrella program. Visit the ABBS website: for application information and other details pertinent to the ABBS plan of action.

All applicants must submit the following items prior to December 1st. Note: Be sure to put your name on all materials submitted.

Admission requires the completion of a bachelor's degree with emphasis in the areas of chemistry, biology, or other related sciences. Minimal prerequisites include the completion with a "C" or better in biology, organic chemistry, and/or physics/math. 

In addition, the following is required for a completed application by the deadline: General GRE scores, 3 letters of recommendation, official transcripts and a two-page statement of purpose (remember to put your name on all submitted documents.

All first year Ph.D. students receive a graduate research assistantship in the form of a stipend. Our annual stipend levels are among the most competitive in the nation. With this stipend the student's out-of-state tuition, health insurance, and registration fees are waived. Students are responsible for their miscellaneous fees and books.

Beginning with the second year of study and continuing until completion of a degree, financial support comes from the student's research advisor in the form of a research assistantship. Also available are fellowships, training grants and registration fee scholarships. Students entering the Master's program receive comparable financial support, depending upon the availability of funds. Every student in our program is expected to devote full time to research and graduate studies, 12 months per year with time for vacation and holidays. Thus, students are encouraged not to undertake regular outside employment.

The University of Arizona Minority Health Disparities Research Opportunities (NIH IMSD)

The University of Arizona offers the prestigious National Institute of Health Initiative for Minority Student Development (NIH IMSD) Graduate Study Awards to outstanding underrepresented minority students who are admitted to one of eleven Ph.D. biomedical programs at the University of Arizona. The Graduate Program in Medical Pharmacology is one of the eleven participants in the NIH IMSD program.


Thank you for visiting the Medical Pharmacology Graduate Program page. If you would like further information regarding the Medical Pharmacology Graduate Program, please contact the program coordinator.

Anabel Moreno, Medical Pharmacology Program Coordinator
Life Sciences North, 646
(520) 626-7218
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