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Medical Pharmacology Graduate Courses

Students admitted through the ABBS Ph.D. program perform three laboratory rotations and then join one of the participating graduate programs. Prior to joining a graduate program, students will receive advising about first year coursework based on their interest areas. First year students are free to explore various course offerings, however students who are already focused on a particular area can begin specific program requirements right away.

All students interested in Medical Pharmacology are required to take the core courses listed below:

Effective Fall 2013

**Intro to Med Pharm Research (Rotation) PHCL 586A & B 1 unit (Fall/Spring)
Pharmacology: Principles and Basis of Therapeutics PHCL 601 6 units (Fall)
Molecular Targets of Pharmacologic Agents PHCL 551A 3 units (Spring)
Neuropharmacology PHCL 553 3 units (Spring)
Scientific Writing Strategies & Ethics PHCL 595B 2 units (Fall)
Journal Club PHCL 596B 1 unit (Fall/Spring)
Research Seminar PHCL 596C 1 unit (Fall/Spring)
***Research Conference
(lab meetings)
PHCL 696A 1- 9 units (Fall/Spring)
Biostatistics EPID 576A 3 units (Fall)

At least forty-five(45) units of coursework(excluding the dissertation units earned) must be in the major field which includes at least six(6)units of elective coursework. At least nine units of coursework must be in the minor field.

**Laboratory Rotations required for those students receiving financial support from the Program.
***For first-year students not receiving financial support from the Program (1-unit per semester in year 1).

SUGGESTED ELECTIVES (6 units required)

Introduction to Pharmacology PHCL 512 3 units (Fall)
Principles of Neuroanatomy CBA 502 4 units (Spring)
Principles of Cellular & Molecular Neurobiology NRSC 588 4 units (Fall)
Cancer Therapeutics CBA 555 3 units (Spring)
Pharmacology 1 PCOL 571 A 4 units (Fall)
Drugs of Abuse PHCL 445C 3 units (Corresp)
Proteomics/Genomics PCOL 601 3 units (Fall)
Pain PHCL 624 2 units (Fall)
Survival Skills and Ethics SPH 649 3 units (Spring)
Basic Human Pathology PATH 515 4 units (Spring)


Research PHCL 900 1-12 units (Fall, Spring, Summer)
Master's Thesis PHCL 910 1-12 units (Fall, Spring, Summer)
Dissertation PHCL 920 1-9 units (Fall, Spring)



(Additional Required for MS Perfusion Students)

Physiology PSIO 511 3 units (Spring)
Principles of Perfusion Techniques PHCL 670 5 units (Fall)
Perfusion Technology Lab PHCL 671 1 unit (Fall)
Perfusion Science Preceptorship PHCL 691 L 3 units ( Fall & Spring); 1 unit (Summer I & II)


Minor Subject (9 units required)

Please consult with the minor department/program to identify courses that will meet their requirement. The minor subject must be approved by the Director of the Graduate Program in Medical Pharmacology. Students are permitted to minor internally.

Updated 9/2013

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